Let’s look at the contributions of Paul Keen, #100 in the top 100 Rails committers by commits (on GitHub).

The idea for this came from a tweet:

This will hopefully become a 100-day countdown.

Today we’ll start with Paul Keen, who is number 100 on the list of the top 100 Rails committers, by number of commits as of today. Paul is CTO at JetThoughts, LLC and has also made contributions to Bundler and Sprockets, aka the asset pipeline. He made 49 commits in 2013 and 2014, including bugfixes, code cleanup, and documentation updates.

In addition to the ugly code that he made nicer, and the documentation that he made clearer and more accurate, here are a few of the problems you’d have to deal with if it hadn’t been for Paul’s work:

So, next time you have a hassle-free experience with ActiveRecord, remember that Paul is one of the reasons why.

Thank you Paul!