A couple days ago, I took up a challenge from a tweet.

I started with Paul Keen, and I thought I had one down and 99 to go. In fact it was one down, 100 to go — because I got Paul Keen’s name from the GitHub list of top 100 contributors by commits. But that’s not that top 100 by commits of all time.

My mistake!

Number 100 in the official Rails list of top contributors of all time is Agis Anastasopoulos. He made 75 commits between 2012 and 2015. Although his current activity on GitHub seems to be more about Go and Kafka, he blogged just last year about using his Go library for Kafka with a Rails application.

Agis’s commits include changes which made Rails backtraces better, fixed subtle Postgres bugs by correcting intricate regular expressions, and cleaned up the code to make it more readable.

Thank you Agis for your hard work! If you want to thank him too, give him a shout on Twitter.