Continuing my series of thank-you posts for the top 100 Rails contributors, we come to an enigmatic figure known as thedarkone. Seriously, their GitHub lists no contact info, no web site, no name, no social media, and no email.

Enigmatic though they may be, thedarkone has made substantial contributions to Rails, from the years 2009 to 2016. Today their GitHub is mostly silent, although they do weigh in authoritatively sometimes on concurrent-ruby PRs. (As befits thedarkone’s generally mysterious vibe, GitHub lists them as having only two commits in that repo, but they have commit access and clear authority there.) Their most recent activity in Rails is all about threads and thread safety, but they’ve also made ActiveRecord changes to support Oracle SQL, kept application helpers flexible and powerful, and made a variety of other contributions throughout the stack. About the only thing I can say with certainty about thedarkone is that they’ve made Rails better in a lot of different ways, and they know a lot about threads and concurrency. Whoever lurks behind the name, thank you for everything you’ve done.