Next in my series of thank-you posts for the top 100 Rails contributors: Kuldeep Aggarwal, number 94, with 81 commits from 2013 to 2016.

The big theme in Kuldeep’s Rails contributions appears to be cleanup. He removed deprecated files and dead Ruby 1.9 code, fixed error messages, took out unnecessary duplicate requires, and updated documentation, tests, and the Rails Guides. He also made Array#split faster, fixed an email mailto: formatting bug for Outlook support, and improved ActiveRecord’s PostgreSQL handling, but the majority of his commits seem to have been about keeping Rails cruft-free. In fact, the only instance of his writing that I’ve been able to find online is a Medium article which starts out with a refactoring session.

Keeping Rails clean is a big public service and we all owe Kuldeep a debt of thanks for this.