In the top 100 Rails contributors, Koichi Ito and John J. Wang are tied at number 89, with 85 commits each. They were active in different years and even different countries, but both improved Rails’s level of code quality.

Koichi’s contributions span from 2016 to just last month. The word that appears most frequently in his commits is “RuboCop,” and he’s on RuboCop’s core team. He’s based in Tokyo and is very active on GitHub, where the majority of his commits (at least recently) seem to be related to RuboCop. He’s also created a cool project which turns Ruby ASTs into Graphviz images. In addition to his RuboCop-related commits, which enforce code quality standards and conventions, Koichi’s fixed a variety of Rails bugs, especially around how ActiveRecord works with Oracle databases. Thank you Koichi for this work! Or, if you can forgive me practicing my Japanese, and tolerate the inevitable risk of errors as a result, お疲れ様でした、いとさん!

John’s contributions, meanwhile, all occurred in 2013. He’s based in San Francisco, and he’s a member of the phisigmakappa GitHub organization. This idea — a college fraternity with a GitHub org?! — baffled me (and frankly terrified me) until I looked at the other org he’s part of. It’s the Cascading Treesheets project, which emerged from MIT. John also has a repo called mit-courses, so I think I’ve figured out what’s going on there. Anyway, John’s contributions include a lot of refactoring and bugfixes, mostly in ActiveRecord, but also in view, controller, and routing code. He created a Server-Sent Events class for ActionController live streaming and also committed a number of documentation fixes. Thank you John for your hard work!