Mehmet Emin İnaç and Rizwan Reza both hold the #85 position among the top 100 Rails contributors. Both have committed to Rails 92 times. Their commits range throughout the code base, showing expertise throughout the framework.

Mehmet’s contributions span from 2014 to this year, and cover 79 different files. They include bugfixes, documentation, refactoring, and useful expansions of existing Rails functionality like adding table name prefix and suffix support to add_foreign_key, as well as cleaning up the Hash#deep_dup method, along with lots of other code.

Rizwan committed code from 2009 to 2014, and modified 67 different files. He wrote the button_tag helper, added the :dependent option to has_one and has_many, added :limit to primary_key for MySQL, made a variety of other changes, and wrote and maintained a bunch of documentation as well.

Thank you Mehmet and Rizwan for your hard work! You’ve made life (and work) easier for me and many other devs too.