Damien Mathieu is the #80 Rails committer by commits.

According to his active GitHub and his infrequently-updated Twitter, Damien lives in France and works for Heroku. While checking out his GitHub, I saw a repo which, unless my French is even rustier than I thought, indicates he got married in May of 2017 — congratulations monsieur! As of right now, Damien also has a staggering 23,993 reputation on Stack Overflow, and is fairly active on GoodReads as well (which he has in common with contributor #96 Rohit Arondekar).

Althuogh his blog and GitHub today seem to feature more Kubernetes and Go, Damien contributed to Rails between 2010 and 2015. He appears to have been a committer; in 10 of his 101 commits, he’s merging other people’s pull requests. The remainder of Damien’s commits seem to fall into three categories: bugfixes, documentation, and what you might call microfeatures or sanity checks — commits where Rails’s functionality is constrained to only reasonable use cases, or expanded to handle edge cases better. This 2011 ActiveRecord commit is a good example. Damien’s changes ranged throughout the framework, including railties, ActiveSupport, ActionPack, the guides, and ActiveRecord, which is the area where he contributed the most.

Merci beaucoup, monsieur!