At 103 commits, the #79 Rails committer is Jaime Iniesta.

Jaime’s from Spain, where he has a Rails and Elixir consultancy named Lighthouses. His bio there indicates a ton of community involvement, including organizing conferences like EuRuKo. His commits span from 2010 to 2016, and the vast majority of them landed in 2010. All but 9 of Jaime’s commits are commits to the guides; that’s 94 commits. He committed changes to the internationalization guide most frequently, for a total of 14 commits, and he made commits to 35 other guides files as well. In addition to a ton of work on the Rails guides, one of Jaime’s commits added .DS_Store to the Rails .gitignore. That’s a staggering amount of aggravation-ending public service packed into just one tiny line of code.

¡Muchas gracias por su servicia, señor!