Today I’m thanking Sven Fuchs for his contributions to Rails.

In the Ruby world, Sven is best known for Travis CI, a popular continuous integration app which he first published on Heroku in 2010. He’s listed on their about page as the original builder.

I met Sven at a conference — I think it was Madison Ruby in 2011. He’s the #75 committer by commits as of this writing. He was active from 2008 to 2011, during which time he made 111 commits.

The big theme in Sven’s commits is internationalization. Of the top twenty files he edited most frequently, his commits for every single one are internationalization and localization changes. He appears to have more or less created Rails’s i18n support in this epic commit. However, the long tail of his commits includes fairly large-ish changes to ActionPack and ActiveRecord as well.

Rails locales aren’t just useful for internationalization — they’re also a handy way of storing text you know you’ll use in a lot of places, like product descriptions or legal boilerplate. At my last Rails job, a startup acquired in early 2019, we used Sven’s work every day. So thank you Sven for this work!