It’s been a couple weeks, but today I’m highlighting the Rails contributions of Alan Guo Xiang Tan. And btw, I’ve had to upgrade my software for this project. Thanking every one of the top 100 Rails contributors is more complex than I thought it would be.

Here’s a couple tweets about it:

Anyway, Alan Guo Xiang Tan started committing to Rails in 2014 and is still active today. Just this month he made a change to undo a performance regression for the pluck method. He seems to have been the most focused on testing internals for ActionController and ActionDispatch, including the work to factor out assert_template to its own gem. Of the top ten files he’s edited most frequently, 8 are testing-related, and it looks he’s made a lot more commits around testing strategy and internals than simply writing individual tests (although that of course is also very important).

The long tail of his work contains another 187 files; 59 of them were test files. His non-test-related work includes bugfixes, performance improvements, and documentation. A big thanks to Alan for doing so much to make Rails awesome!