• Home Alone

    There are probably plenty of people walking around with undiagnosed COVID-19 in the United States right now.

  • Blog Retrospective

    I have mixed feelings about blogging.

  • One-Liner for git mv

    Here’s a one-liner for changing a bunch of filenames all at once.

  • Easily Clean Your Git Branches

    Ever had text fill your entire terminal window when all you did was a quick git branch? Here’s a quick pair of scripts which solves that problem by making it a simple matter of muscle memory to keep your repo completely clean.

  • Automated Gratitude at Scale

    I recently decided to individually thank each and every one of the top 100 contributors to Rails, and I wrote some software to make it feasible.

  • MVP Code-Splitting in Rails with Webpacker

    Webpack can do impressive minimization based on static analysis. The Elm compiler can even exclude functions from your final payload for the end user based on whether those functions are used in your code or not. But it’s extremely easy to get the low-hanging fruit version of this in your Rails app with nothing fancier than Webpacker.

  • 3 lessons from launching my own products as a dev

    In 2010, I began an experiment which transformed my career for years to come.