I run this blog using 11ty as the SSG. I ported my content over from Jekyll, and before 11ty, I tried Gatsby, MDNext, elm-blog, elm-pages, and probably a few others. I'm very happy with 11ty.

However, I added a Ruby script to compile Sass to CSS, since the 11ty plugin I was using decayed into abandonware. And I've added more Ruby to autogenerate the code for the syntax highlighting widgets on a per-page basis. Those widgets themselves are written in Elm, as is the color settings UI. So at this point, my blog's built with a custom blogging platform which is kind of a hybrid monster.

Anyway, the site's title font is Target from T26 in Chicago, and its text font is Armature Neue Sans from PSY/OPS in San Francisco. Some elements of the design and CSS originated with a blogging theme for WordPress called Patch, although this blog itself never ran on WordPress. The color scheme comes from a book called Refactoring UI.

I designed the site's "GB" logo, as well as the logo for my previous blog truthindustri.es, and the logo for my app Fork Freshness. I commissioned the logos for my music projects Jack Wabash and Gavin Vindica from The Firm, in Denver, and have been thrilled with their fantastic work.

My name's Giles. G like giant, rhymes with styles.

This blog's mostly about code and music. Sometimes I use code to create music; usually the two topics are separate.

I code mainly in JavaScript, Clojure, Ruby, and Elm. The music I make is mostly house and drum & bass.

Disclaimer: Some links on this blog may be affiliate links, which pay sales commissions.